About us

We are a team of professionals from different specialization areas that in 1990 decided to create a new concept for leisure and free time in contact with nature. SuAventura Cofrentes is just a 21st century services provider, with a passion for generating new sensations and experiences in contact with nature, adventure and culture…

Let us help you satisfy the needs we all have to discover, experience and feel.

Welcome to SuAventura Cofrentes

Tourism company specialized in organizing events for companies and groups. We offer all types of active and cultural tourism activities in this beautiful Júcar-Cabriel valley environment.

We are a group of experienced guides, experts and professionals that live in the valley and we would like to show you the most fascinating places around this nature environment. It is a privilege for us to live and work here and you can feel it in our work. With all these active tourism activities, we would like to share with you our passion for nature.

Our activities, excursions and journeys have different levels of difficulty, but can be enjoyed by people of all ages. There is something for every taste: Long and easy tours, accessible mountain hikes and more demanding routes that will take you to remote locations in the valley. We have possibilities for everybody. Opportunities for the intrepid ones, but also for families, groups, etc… Adventure sports and active tourism for everyone.

You will be seeing views of an incredible beauty, where almost no sign of human activity can be found. You will enjoy nature in its purest form, with a fascinating flora and fauna that are unique in the inland part of the Valencian Community. Let us show you the famous and warm hospitality of the different villages’ people and also the varied traditions, customs, and fascinating culture and history.

Commitment with innovation and technology

We are proud to be beneficiaries of the European Regional Development Fund. The goal of this fund is to foster research, technological development and innovation to support the creation and strengthening of innovative companies as the one created with our project. This happened in the year 2017 and we also had the support of the InnoCámaras program (Valencian Chamber of Commerce).

Our team

A philosophy and a way of life.

When SuAventura Cofrentes was founded, we made a commitment to share with our clients our passion and enthusiasm for this prodigy of nature, the Júcar-Cabriel valley and active tourism sports, while offering the highest standards of excellence. In this exceptional setting, we made this firm commitment to offer a lasting contribution to the villages and people in the area. And that is the reason why we have always practiced a sustainable tourism. Our activities and services are designed in support of the villages and the people that so hospitably welcome us. Clearly benefiting from tourism will make them value their natural resources and the wild life in the surroundings, which will
strengthen their decision to preserve it. We firmly believe that tourism can be an extremely important factor in the preservation of nature and local communities. Our company is based on the nature wealth and the biodiversity of this environment and we consider ourselves highly privileged to share these sceneries, fauna and flora with our clients. We greatly value these resources and we are fully committed to work in a responsible and sustainable way in order to protect and preserve our natural
environment. By practicing a sustainable tourism, we will achieve a sustainable development, finding an optimum balance between local population and natural resources.

To accomplish this, it is necessary the active and personal involvement of everybody working for SuAventura Cofrentes and of our clients.

Our vision

To offer a comprehensive service with affordable solutions and customized products that are also innovative, high quality and respectful with our environment.

To understand that the art of serving is to serve. To define goals that are beneficial for all parties and to be confident during the whole process. To push ourselves in improving the quality of life of our clients by offering them our best. To make an effort to offer more than just a good service. To offer added and extraordinary value, above the basic service.

Our corporate values

Ethics, harmony, responsibility, quality, service, innovation, loyalty, enthusiasm and courtesy, highly committed to results that best serve our clients.

Our mission

To train, prepare and motivate teams of people to reach extraordinary quality and service levels so that our clients can dream about them. Not just selling products or services, but results. Be successful in our markets, regardless of what our competitors do. Learning to seduce our clients and creating new markets.

Our philosophy

I. “Our goal is to achieve complete satisfaction when addressing our clients’ needs and preferences”.
II. “Being prepared and proactive, we make sure that we will succeed now and in the future”.
III. “With total quality, our clients will stay with us for life”.
IV. “By offering added value to our services, we achieve Excellence”.
V. “To our company, the client and the workers are our most precious assets”.

Contact us

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