Meet our team

Our history

Dreamers and nature lovers

In the nineties we were presented with a challenge we could not say no to: to make the Cortes de Pallás-Cofrentes reservoir navigable.

After 7 years of dialogue with the Confederación Hidrográfica del Júcar and Iberdrola we succeeded and created the first River Route of the Valencian Community.

We are passionate, innovative and committed to everything we undertake.

We make our dream a reality for those who feel like us the greatness of the most natural valley of Valencia.

Our method

Albert Einstein said:

"Learning is experience. Everything else is information.

  • As a child I didn’t learn what it was to burn until I burned myself.
  • As a teenager I learned what love was when I fell in love even when I experienced the loss of that first love.
  • I discovered the wonders of sex when I tried it.
  • I experienced the pleasure of good wine with great pleasure the day I tasted one in my mouth.
  • The same could be said of good ham or good chocolate……..

If everything in your life has been about learning and enjoying stimulating your senses through experience…..?

What’s stopping you from experiencing an exclusive and pleasurable freshwater cruise with your partner, special friends or family by chartering this extraordinary cruise just for the two of you?

Eliminate your limiting beliefs

You feel that year after year you receive the same proposals for tours, activities and itineraries.

And you feel that this exclusive experience is often associated with high prices, but it is not, it is a relevant experience, full of emotion, passion and quality.

But what is the truth?

The exclusive does not stop being an experience where the excellence of the service and the experience helps you to feel unforgettable destinations, moments and emotions in a different way.The pursuit of excellence and exclusivity is what makes something unforgettable regardless of its value.


Live an experience full of exclusivity that will positively transform you.You deserve a preferential, personalized and exclusive service.