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At SuAventura we consider the canoe or kayak as a simple mean of transportation that allows you to travel the Júcar and Cabriel rivers adapting to the rhythm, age and technical level of each participant.
The calm waters of the Cofrentes pier do not present great difficulty, so you will be able to carry out the activity independently. And if you have a more adventurous spirit, try our rough waters.
With our canoeing you will be able to enjoy the water in its calmest form as well as in its wildest.
Place of departure
The Cabriel Train starts its journey at the Hervideros de Cofrentes Spa, next to the church and next to the dining room. Remember that you will need your reservation before getting on the train. It has regular departures from March to November. If you are a group you can book all year round.
Duration of the tour
Depending on the chosen route, the activity can last from 1 hour to more than one hour.
Meeting point
The Cofrentes Pier is the point where we will give you the material so you can start your water adventure. You will have to return to the same point to return it and finish your activity.

    Equipment and advice
    • Single, double, triple and quadruple self-emptying canoes - children and adults
    • Technical and safety material necessary for the development of the activity.
    • Assisted by specialized monitors and guides who will indicate basic safety principles for your enjoyment.
    • We recommend that you bring comfortable clothes, swimsuit, towel, shoes that can get wet, bathroom and toilet accessories, sunscreen, and a change of clothes.
    • Recommended minimum age: 6 years old.
    • Minors must be accompanied by an adult.
    • Knowing how to swim is mandatory.
    Season Calendar
    All year round, with the appropriate availability and climate. Ideal from spring to autumn, when the rivers are loaded with water, or in summer, because of the temperature and the fun contact with water.
    Facilities and pier
    Full range of facilities for your convenience:
    • Free parking for cars and buses, cafeteria, picnic areas and other services for you to enjoy a full day without missing anything.
    Individual Prices
    Canoeing Júcar Canyons on your own 15€ / hour
    Quiet waters - DESCENT BASTA-PIER (half day) 25€
    Rough waters - DESCENT RIVER HOUSES-BASTA (half day) 25€
    Rescue 20€ minimum + 5€ per km.
    Prices for groups + of 25p - Consult offers and services to measure.
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    What the weather will be like

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